Hearing loss
Noise is harmful if…
You have to shout over background noise to be heard.
The noise is painful to your ears.
The noise makes your ears ring
You have decreased or “muffled” hearing for several hours after exposure.
Are you worried that your teen may already have hearing loss?
Most parents want their teens to have a hearing test, according to a new study. Hearing tests in newborns and elementary school-aged children are routinely done to screen for problems that may affect speech, language and learning. Routine screening of adolescents is not as common. Parents, ask your teenager’s doctor for a hearing test or a referral to an audiologist.
Here’s some sound advice:
Follow the 60/60 rule. That means no more than 60 percent of maximum volume for no more than 60 minutes. Headphones are safer than ear buds. But either way, if people around you can hear your music, it’s loud enough to cause permanent hearing loss.

Human ear anatomy
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